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Key Features

simple setup

Our process is simple and effective. You tell us what you want to sell and we set up the subscription for you. Then we add subscriptions to your website or we create a new site for you. And we provide you all the links and QR codes so that you can start sell anywhere, in social media, via email or even with a NFC tag

easy to use

Our iOS and Android app is the tool you can use to check the subscriptions of your customer. Simply scan their QR code and record usage with one tap. Alternatively you can search for the subscription by customer name and record usage without requiring the customer to show the QR code

secure payment

Your checkout is powered by Stripe, a leading payment processor, with full PCI compliance. Your payment page is secure and designed to build confidence in your customer. Customer can pay using credit cards, wallets, buy now pay later (ie Klarna) and others.  

Our solution

Benefits for your customer

Learn why our solution is loved by customers

Nothing to Download

Your customer can purchase your services on any mobile device, browser, or computer your payers use. 

No Account Creation 

Your customer never need to create an account or set a password, even for recurring plans.

Mobile Wallets Ready

Your customer can check out with digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Fast Loading and Processing

Your checkout forms are optimized to load fast and to process cards quickly.

Scanner App Features

Our app has all the features to allow you to manage your customers' subscription

Scan Passes with ease

Check subscription validity

Record subscription usage

View & manage customers records

How to join

We have made it easy for you to join our platform. 
Follow three simple steps! 


Complete the form in the page below by providing some details of your business

Share Info

Tell us about your business and share some key information about the website you would like to have, including photos and other information.

Go Live

Our team will work hard to build the the website ​you want. We will share a draft proposal and when you are happy with the final design we will go live. Most of our customer go live in as little as 3 days (depending on the number of revisions)


Where  can you sell?

Your Website

We provide all type of widgets (button, banner, etc) and we assist you to embed them in your website. If you don't have a website we can also help with the website setup and hosting it free of charge.

Your Social Media

Share your online store in instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Snapchat and convert your follower into paying customers

QR code

We provide QR codes linked to your online store and you products. Your customers scan the QR code with their phone and they are taken directly to the checkout session. It takes 5 to 10 second to complete the transactions

Pro tip: convert your one-off customer to recurring one. Offer them to purchase a subscription or a gift card by showing the QR code

Our Marketplace

Coming soon

You will have a landing page in our website where you can promote your business and sell subscriptions, gift cards and any product or service you offer. We will also promote your products in our marketplace and engage local communities with montly price draws and other competitions 


We provide NFC tags which you can use in store to increase customer engagement and cross sell product. It is a pretty new thing - talk to us to learn more 

Email Marketing

Reach your customer directly in their inbox and send email marketing with direct payment links 


  • Drive demand to your store
  • Attract & retain customers 
  • Convert customers into loyal regulars 
  • Get your customer to spend more 
  • Engage customers with notification
  • Support your customer need for Technology
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Promote your customer journey in-store.
  • Increase their ​Average order value 
  • Build stable revenue stream
  • Deliver In-Moment Communications
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